Grise Fiord is Canada's most northerly civilian settlement. The only communities north of here are either military or scientific bases. Grise Fiord is on the sourthern coast of Ellesmere Island at a latitude of approximately 77 degrees north.

Grise Fiord is relatively easy (and inexpensive) to get to. Standard jet service is available to Resolute, and then a short 1.5 hr flight via Twin Otter gets you to Grise Fiord.

We spent two weeks here in early August, using the town site as a base. At this time of year, temperatures are approximately 10-15 degrees C. When we arrived, the ocean was still covered with a substantial amount of ice, however, when we left there was large amounts of open water. The sea-lift, which resupplies the town once a year, arrived just prior to our departure, and required an ice breaker escort.
Grise Fiord. This is a view of the townsite from the cliffs behind the town. The town is located on a narrow strip of land between the ocean and 2000 ft cliffs. The fiord extends to the right approximately 25 miles. There are approximately 100 residents, the majority of whom are Inuit.
Tent Site. This is one of our tent sites during a four day hike. Behind us is a large icecap on a local height of land. We spent a day hiking to the top for a fantastic view.
Icecap. This is the view looking southeast from the top of the icecap, at an elevation of approximately 4000 ft, the highest point for miles and miles. The view was fantastic - we could see 60 miles or more in all directions. Thirty miles away is Cone Island, and 50 miles away on the horizon are huge cliffs along the northern shore of Devon Island. We had to be careful at the top - there was relatively deep snow, and we did find some crevasses.
The Fiord. This is a view of the fiord. It extends back approximately 25 miles. We were marooned at this tent site for a full day because of fog.
Sea Ice. A view of the sea ice, looking southwards towards Devon Island.
Calm Sea. One evening after the ice had started to thin out, this quiet scene graced the shoreline.

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