Surprise Visitor. During one of our hikes, we stopped to have lunch. We spent an hour having lunch and chatting, and then got up to go. That's when we noticed this fellow on a hillside, not more than 100 ft away. He had been there the entire time - we just hadn't noticed him. He blended in with the surrounding terrain, and had just quietly stood there wondering what sort of strange creatures we were.
Musk Ox. This was just a solitary animal. We had seen herds of three to twenty animals, but this was the first loner that we saw.
Cliffside. Towards the end of our trip, after the ice had left the fiord, we hired one of the local Inuit to take us for a cruise up the fiord to look at some of the local scenery. Some of the cliff sides are regularly used by sea birds as nesting sites. The regular deposition of "fertilizer" is a boon to plants and lichens that flourish in the area.
Unexpected Visitor. We woke up one morning and found this ship at anchor a short distance off shore. This is the Linblad Explorer, a small tour ship that visits out-of-the-way locations. It was on a trip through the northwest passage. I had actually considered a trip on this vessel (to the Antarctic), but cost eventually deterred me.
Calm Sea. One evening after the ice had started to thin out, this quiet scene graced the shoreline.

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